By: Brigitte Werleman (TEAM FITVILLE)

Fitville Qualifiers

Fitville Aruba has a date, September 27-28-29, and most exciting of all, has cash prizes! And for the first time, teams must be formed in advance and participate in the online qualifiers.
Whereas last year teams could be formed a month or two in advance, this year participants are being asked to commit 5 months in advance.

This also means that although you have 5 months to prepare for Fitville with your partner, you must also be ready NOW for the qualifiers.
The qualifier also adds a unique opportunity, whereas last year you could *guess* which would be the top teams, this year this can be confirmed through the qualifier. Also, based on the qualifier you may even be able to analyze the top teams and their weaknesses based on their performance and use this to your advantage.



So what do we know about the qualifier?
Early bird registration has passed, but you are still able to register. Workouts will be released on April 30th, May 1st and May 2nd.
Workouts must be submitted by May 10th. This gives everyone at least a week to do and repeat the workouts before the deadline. After this videos will be reviewed and the leaderboard finalized.
All workouts must be filmed and must meet standards.

Tip: Review your own video, re-count all reps and verify finishing time before submitting your video. Try to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Qualifiers are individual workouts, and scores will be combined for a final team score.

Other things to keep in mind are that it is still unclear the amount of spots open in each category. Best case scenario is that you are doing the qualifiers only for seeding, worst case is that you may not make the cut as too many teams have signed up in your respective division. Either way, you have no excuse but to go hard for the qualifier. Good luck!